My Buddy Lightning McQueen

This is my buddy #95 Lightning McQueen, hes one fast cookie. He is the star of one of my all-time favorite movies (I really haven’t seen many) “CARS”. I was able to visit the real Lightning Mcqueen at Disney’s California Adventure a couple weeks ago in Cars Land. It was awesome!!! I wish I could go there all the time. They had everything at Cars Land, it made me feel like I was actually at Radiator Springs.

Hes not a Hot Wheels car, but he is made by Mattel

I like to race Lightning against all my other cars, he is much larger than the rest of them and is just as fast.  He usually pulls ahead at the end of the race.  He is red and has flames = SUPER FAST CAR.


He races in Piston Cup and drives by his own rules.

Here is Lightning McQueen at Radiator Springs, California.


Underside of car reads Disney/Pixar, Made in China, V2797, Mattel 1186 MJ NL


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